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Oh Land


What is your ideal office?

A little red wooden house on a small archipelago island surrounded by evergreens, with a tiny boat that I could use when I wanted to see civilization. Perhaps in upstate New York or Vermont.


What is an object that has made a remarkable impression on you?

Airplanes. It makes no sense. Humans can fly? What the hell. I’m astounded every time I take off and pray that I won’t fall down like a rock, as some sort of cruel bird’s joke.


What was the last profound experience you shared?


Getting married. It was the craziest day of my life! Beautiful and intense, and shared with all the people I love the most.


How do you live an uncommon life?

By having no routines whatsoever. No two days are alike, ever. I don’t think I’ve eaten lunch at the same hour twice since I was sixteen. But other than that I think I’m pretty normal?


What is your greatest mistake thus far?


My best mistake for sure was leaving my first demo CD in my mom’s car by accident. Next day she called me and said that I had to do something serious with my music. 

Do you believe a person can fully express themselves in any one art form?

I believe every person has multiple facets and ways to express themselves fully, sincerely and with all their heart. Not everyone is blindly jumping from cliffs the way I do, but I enjoy the thrill of the unknown. It’s a big part of my character.


If your music creates a new realm, what inhabits it?

King Kong, Edward Scissorhands, Pikachu and monsters, hypersensitive people, rainbow warriors, narwhals and a few goats.


Who is an artist, living or dead, that you wish to collaborate with?


Marilyn Monroe. Together we would make a creative house for troubled or heartbroken people, and we would do gardening, write poems, drink tea and give hugs!


What would be your perfect pet?
Definitely a Shih Tzu. Best dog in the world, and I’m lucky enough to have one. I’m one of those creepy cat ladies—but with dogs.


What is the best cure for heartache?


Friends, spaghetti and meatballs, and songwriting.

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