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Rudi Lewis


What is your ideal office?


One that stops me procrastinating, and inspires me to actually work? Still working on this.


What is the good life?


My children live a very different life to the one I had growing up, I’ve come a long, long way from the housing estates of Scotland in the ‘70s, so my life as it is now has already exceeded anyone’s expectations.


How would you like to be remembered?


As someone who gave more than they took. Not sure I’ll make it, but, it’s something to aspire to.


What was your most difficult decision?


All decisions are difficult, because you always have to confront fear, your own or someone else’s, but, I guess moving to Sweden six years ago would have to be up there. After twenty years in London it was a real gamble, it’s tough to maintain a successful career, learn a new language, start over, make new friends when you travel as much as I do. But, somehow I pulled it off!


What is your most treasured belonging?


Books, records and photographs.


What do you consider your greatest achievement?


I think the ability to juggle my career and still be there enough for my family would be my only really notable achievement. I have my partner Karin to thank for this. She’s unbelievably supportive.


If you had to do something different for a living, what would it be?

Write books, make music or take pictures.


What has been your biggest disappointment?


Not writing any books or making any music.


What is the last thing you changed your mind about?


The answers to this questionnaire.


What is your look about?


I guess at some level it’s always been informed by British youth culture, mod, skinhead, punk and that sort of stuff, but working in fashion you get exposed to other types of style, so I’m always open to that, or at least trying to subvert it a little if it doesn’t feel like my style.


What is an ingenious use of hair?


It’s quite useful as a covering for our heads.


When was the first time you were emotionally affected by style?

I grew up in a pretty rough part of Glasgow, where you could get beaten up for having the wrong pair of trainers or whatever, macho homophobes everywhere, so I can still remember the first time I saw David Bowie or Adam Ant and thinking ‘Oh, it’s ok to be yourself, I don’t have to live this life, I can be someone with my own style somewhere else.’ I left one year after leaving school at sixteen and moved to London, never looked back.


What is an unexpected hairstyle that inspires you?


I have always been inspired by my musical idols The Smiths, Ian McCulloch, Steve Marriott, Kurt Cobain, Nick Cave, Paul Weller, Patti Smith, Marianne Faithfull and The Jesus and Mary Chain. 

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