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Introducing Njomza

Though young, she's extremely well-rounded and has made it a priority to pay attention to what's going on. At 16, Njomza became a U.S. citizen, and with the current political climate was swayed to go out and vote. "As a teenager I really didn't pay attention to politics, that wasn't my first interest. But now, I'm definitely paying attention to what's going on. I think that's what's happening with a lot of kids too. In a way, there's a blessing from all of the shitty things that are going down."

Heartache has also played a role in Njomza's world. Her new EP "Sad For You" set to release April 7th, is a compilation of lusty, intimate situations and self-love realizations. As Njomza's fan base continues to blossom, so does she. "Sad For You" captures growth and reflects on everyday experiences as a young woman in love.

Njomza is most excited to release music and play shows this year. She'll start her 2017 performance lineup with a live acoustic set in Los Angeles, March 23rd at SoHo House.

Listen to "Intro" here.

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