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JW Anderson S/S '19

Similarly, as is perhaps now a trademark of Anderson’s, anatomy was reassembled by stretching and shortening lengths and redrawing assumed bodily boundaries. Not collage, this was rather alchemy—something strange and thrilling made from the melding of disparate ingredients.


In a standout show, some pieces especially stood out, like the pants with bottoms and tops connected by open beaded webs, and a leather skirt with a belt mounted perpendicularly, dangling down. And there was lots of fringe.


Accessories were also seamlessly incorporated, with bags that vibed with the rest of the collection. While the dayglo patent footwear (available in more traditional colors too) was indisputably interesting and elegant, the new JW Anderson x Converse—with chunky soles featuring bright blue rubber accents—had everyone talking as they filed out of military training center that Anderson had decked out with wrought iron gates and fences for the show.


So, only one question: when can we get those Chucks? 


Peep some of our favorite moments from the collection, below.

Photos courtesy of the brand.

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