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Leaf, On the Full LP



The new LP is definitely a transition from your previous releases— it feels a little more RnB, or maybe just that the sound is less signified by a single genre. How you think the sound has developed, what would you attribute to that?


I feel like in this generation at this time genres are really a thing of the past. I wouldn’t put myself in a bracket like that to say that I do R&B or even Hip-Hop because most of my influences are rock influences. So, as far as my sound it’s always going to evolve and develop and I think that it’s just a Leaf experience and nothing else other than that.


With new work out, new lyrics, sounds, and the new album aesthetic how do you think you have been able to keep up your stance as a feminist artist?


Well, I feel like if you have a pussy then you’re a feminist. I don’t have to reaffirm my stance too often because it’s an every day lifestyle. Everything I do affirms that I am a feminist and that I take a stand for women. My messages to women, the way that I dress, carry myself, and talk is all apart of that lifestyle and I think that putting action to my words makes the message more valuble than just saying it.


Do you feel like your own personal style and look have changed since coming out with the EP? Has standing alone as an artist altered your aesthetic, in your opinion?


Again I’m always evolving. It hasn’t changed much. I might have changed my hair and wore a couple more colors, but I really feel like I’m the same woman that I’ve always been and always will be. I think its all about following the journey that I’m on and everything that I change is all apart of who I become. It’s never a new look or a new person; just genuinely me.


How did you celebrate the album launch?


I hope there was lots of cake. It’s actually really funny. I love my song Plate “all my bitches eating getting cake” but I don’t actually eat any cake. But my celebration was amazing I haven’t had any alcohol in seven months and I finally had a couple of glasses of red wine and popped some champagne with my girls so it was a lot of fun.


What’s next? So much is coming up, campaigns, another album, tours...


I have so much coming up, so I’ll keep you posted!


If you could do a collaboration with any female singer (alive or dead) who would it be?


Amy Winehouse, Aaliyah, Beyonce, Rihanna, and of course Janet Jackson. There’s so many, but these are defiantly some of my top choices.

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