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Legends Never Die

Not only did he show up, he came with bags of canned food. I was truly in awe. We hit it off— and from that day on, we were friends. As a woman in Hip-Hop, it was important to me that our focus was music. I grew up listening to Mobb Deep and I’d be damned if I let anything take away from our time creating, spending hours at Red Bull Studios and Engine Room. Listening to beats, unreleased tracks, oldies, new shit. I have unreleased tracks with Mobb Deep and Prodigy, and for this, I will be forever grateful. Hearing P’s voice on wax is soothing to me, and surely others can relate…BLAST THAT SHIT!


Years passed, as P and I grew closer. I knew his family and friends, he knew mine. I’d watch him eat an oyster for the first time, we would go to live shows at The Blue Note, edited the book he’d go on to publish, Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook, took him out to my favorite spots, and parooz museums. We’d spend so much time together people would call me asking where he was, why he wasn't answering his phone. “Tell ‘em I’ll call ‘em back.”


I watched a music legend, an icon, a present and loving father, an author, a business man, a street savvy hustler— who happened to be born with sickle cell— live the fuck out of life. He was a ghetto genius, a charismatic light. A helpful son and reliable brother. A great listener and friend. A mindful and appreciative artist.


Never was he a victim. Never did he complain about shit. He always showed gratitude, and if he loved you, he was all in. He put his hands in multiple jars. And more times than not, came out triumphant.

Last week while riding my bike, I passed P on the street. It happened so fast, but we acknowledged each other and smiled. I cannot thank the universe enough for this interaction.


Albert, Prodigy, P, Bandana P, HNIC, Don P, Queensbridge murdera, Chaka— you are loved, missed, and will never be forgotten. I am praying for your kids, your family, and friends. You’ll always be apart of me, and I appreciate our time together on earth. Reunited with your mother too soon, but at peace.

I love you. Queens loves you. New York loves you. The world loves you.

Legends never die.


“…Life is a gamble, we scramble for money. I might crack a smile but ain't a damn thing funny…”

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