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A New Pie

Frustrated by the inequalities they experienced on the field, the co-founders sought to create a medium for change through a different outlet. “As female athletes, we have done a lot of work in the fight for our fair slice of the pie. In 2019, when we founded re—inc, we created a new pie—one where we could fight for something bigger than ourselves,” said Rapinoe in an interview with office


    Kill time before it drops online tonight by checking out images from the collection and reading the exclusive interview down below.

    Everybody really only sees all of you on the field. Can you speak a little bit to your dynamic with each other off the field?


    Meghan Klingenberg - Yes! We’ve been teammates for a very long time. Tobin and I started playing together when we were 13 years old, and I’ve been teammates with Christen and Pinoe for over 10 years. Needless to say, we are very close. Our on-field dynamic and overall respect and trust in one another has been very instrumental for us as co-founders. We honor the strength that each person brings to the team, and we work together to further our mission in reimagining the status quo. 


    How was re—inc founded? How did it come to be?


    Megan Rapinoe - The idea of investing in ourselves first came about after the 2015 World Cup victory. We were ready to take control of our identities, claim our worth, and rally a movement of changemakers. As female athletes, we have done a lot of work in the fight for our fair slice of the pie. In 2019, when we founded re—inc, we created a new pie—one where we could fight for something bigger than ourselves.

    Why the name re—inc?


    Christen Press - The re—inc name references the idea of reinventing the incorporated. Used as a prefix, “re” can set up a variety of words that describe what the brand is about: re-imagine, re-sist, re-define, re-new, re-volt, re-evaluate. The brand identity centers on a distinctive logo with a reverse letter “e.” Flipping the letter sets off the logo as a visual antithesis to the norm.


    Describe the capsule collection.


    CP - Inspired by our 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup journey, the RWB Capsule, which is short for Red, White, Blue Capsule, is an 8-garment collection that reinterprets streetwear and redefines patriotism. The earthy tones of the three colors reconfigure the traditional patriotic color scheme, asking us to reflect on what it means to best represent our country. We want the items in the RWB Collection to serve as a template for self-expression and empowerment of individual identity.

    Who can you see wearing this collection?


    MK - The capsule is designed for everyone and everybody. Our red, white, and blue head-to-toe sweat suit is designed to fashion a distinct look for every unique body and rejects both masculine and feminine labels. The models we included in the capsule embody the values we hope to promote as they each have such diverse personalities and backgrounds and wear the clothes in their own distinct way. We aim to inspire our community to do the same. 


    What separates it and makes it distinct from other streetwear companies? 


    Tobin Heath - The streetwear market is largely male-dominated, and we knew it was an area ripe for disruption. From the beginning, we set out to create a streetwear line with a diverse community and multi-faceted purpose in mind. This line is unique because it is not confined to gender normative design. These products strip away the notion that masculine is for males and feminine is for females. Our RWB capsule offers a variety of products that fall along a gender fluid spectrum, giving wearers the freedom to express themselves as they see fit. 


    What industry do you guys want to branch into next?


    TH - We envision re—inc going beyond the fashion industry to spread our mission in many different and impactful areas. Regardless of what industry we decide to pursue next, we want to remain consistent to what we stand for. re—inc will always reimagine the status quo. We will soon have products coming out across verticals that include re—wear which is fashion, re—create which includes art, experience, tools for living, re—new which is wellness & wellbeing, and re—tech which includes devices & tools for living.

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