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Office London Part 1

Hannah Perry, Artist

Where do you work best?


I work best in public. In my studio when lots of assistants are in to bounce off, in a cafe on my laptop full of people chattering around me, but mainly collaborating with people. I feed off of people's energy and can't sit still for more then 2 minutes.


I am both a technological nerd, fiddling around with editing software, music, video, visual effect. But I also have a very physical analogue practice, screen printing, performance, making sculpture and building installations. I work best when I am working on both at the same time.


What is being creative to you?


It's firstly being a sponge, taking everything in then processing it instinctually, illogically, like a kind of catharsism. I am yet to meet a strong artist who is not mentally battling. Having little seeds of an idea... a perversion, and having the foresight, belief and determination to materialise it.


Alexandre Arsenault, Fashion Designer

Where do you work best?


In our studio in South London. 


What is being creative to you?


Finding the best way to communicate an idea visually, and obsession.


Nikola Vasakova, Founder of Girls in Film (GiF)

Where do you work best?


Wherever is quiet and bright. I often listen to sounds of nature like howling wind, crackling fire (there's a great app for that of course). Unless I'm watching films which is a big part of my job. 



What is being creative to you?


Creativity is a force that is within all of us, manifesting itself in various wonderful ways.


Sydney Lima, Writer

Where do you work best?


I come up with most of my ideas on the tube, so I guess I work best in inconvenient places. 


What is being creative to you?


Reading between the lines.


Want warmer weather? Wander back to the West Coast, catch up with Office LA to find the fresh faces of California's sunny-skied creative scene. 



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