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office x Budweiser: Bud Life

To celebrate its 142 years on the market, office teamed up with the heritage beer company to shoot an editorial showcasing their product range.


Peep the photos below.

Lorod pants (blue), Telfar t-shirts, Belstaff boots, Moscot sunglasses
Telfar pants and shirts (on both)
Lorod pants and jacket
Telfar denim
PH5 dress and pants, Telfar t-shirts, Beautiful Ful leather pants, Heron Preston boots, Moscot sunglasses, Lorod top and pants (left to right)
Heron Preston pants
Telfar pants
Lorod denim, PH5 turtleneck
Telfar denim

Creative Direction by Simon Rasmussen, Production by Mitchell Conell & Kevin Buitrago, Production Assistants: Caroline Brown & Simone Nystrup-Larsen, Styling Assistant: Samantha Wahl

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