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Proenza Schouler for Peace


The campaign is modeled by Kim Gordon, the 65 year old founding member of American rock band Sonic Youth, and her 20-something year old daughter Coco Gordon Moore. 


While social activism and inclusivity is on the rise within the fashion industry, ageism remains a prevelant blind-spot. Helping to push past these boundries, Proezna Schoulder proves that women of all ages look just as stylish as anyone else. We have to respect McCollough and Hernandez for continuously taking forward stances on social issues, questioning long-held ideals of what fashion should be and do, and weaving political conversations into the forefront of their clothing and brand identity. 


After a successful opening following the line's launch with select retailers in 2017, season two will be readily available across the globe. The collection is divided into three seperate drops delivering in May, July, and September with corresponding campaigns for each.


The collection is now available online and in stores. 

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