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The Return of Jordan Wolfson

Having featured the artist in our previous print issue, and seeing his surreal, unsettling, and sarcastic film at the Whitney Biennial that year office was more than eager to see his newest exhibit. Wolfson is no stranger to the world of thoughtprovoking, and frankly uncomfortable, art. It's safe to bet that his third solo exhibit with David ZwirnerRiverboat song, opening Wednesday, May 2nd, will be no different.


His new work is as surreal, unassuming, and mischievous as ever. Riverboat song combines computer-animated vignettes and found video clips with pop soundtracks and a monologue voice by the artist himself. Since it's debut in London last year, Wolfson has revisited and expanded the piece, adding new scenes that will be seeing an audience for the first time here in New York. His work is inconspicutious, dystopic versions of cartoon characters reminisent of the movie protaganists you loved in your youth fill the screens of this exhibit.


What Riverboat song lacks in overt and overpowering aggression in comparison to 'Real Violence', it more than makes up for with its nasty intent. Wolfson makes us feel like we're all moment away from staggering, unscathing violence and moral decriptitude. He reminds us that mortality is a veil that can drop in a moments notice, and that blatant disregard for mortality fills our everyday lives. Wolfson gives us a small window into the contemporary soul and lets the filth drip out. His work is both direct and complex, forcing the audience to look within themselves and reflect. You might not like what you see. 


Riverboat song is on display at the David Zwirner Gallery from May 2nd through June 30th. 


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