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Safe Words

Ho99o9, who just released their first full length LP United State of Horror was the obvious choice for Chavarria and Brandblack to represent the collection. “Safe Words” was built on the like-minded ethos that we are living in a terrifying time where racism, xenophobia and gender inequality are embedded in daily life, now more than ever, hence the “United States of Horror." Both the brands and the band operate with open minds and invite progressive philosophies that translate into all of their respective endeavors, believing in the idea that everyone should be able to exist in a safe place with “safe words."


The collection is a merge of elegant technical fabrics and design detail with oversized silhouettes and high fashion styling. 12 masterful pieces embody the unique Brandblack approach to athletic clothing with the voluminous, haute street style of Willy Chavarria. Wide leg pleated trousers and cropped fleece-lined jackets in slick, water resistant nylons. Cropped elastic waist trousers are paired with an oversized kimono style jacket with nylon webbing. There is a quiet storm of beauty without flash in the collection: A story that makes a strong statement through grace and simplicity, which encapsulates the overall philosophy of both brands.


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