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Sphinx Complex

It’s a celebration of female power on a scale that is marvelous to behold: goddesses, witches, fashion design, film, masks for ballroom galas—Fini played with them all, and to grand effect.

For myself, I prefer an erotic world where there is no divergence, no hostility, and where everything dissolves together.

Self-taught co-conspirator of the Surrealists, though never openly identifying with any specific movement, Fini is a low-key legend and one-woman march on the warpath of gender identity, artistic tradition and the unification of life with art.


If you're not obsessed with her yet, you will be.

Anonymous, 1940.
'Woman in Armor I (Femme en armure I),' c. 1938. Oil on canvas.
'In the tower (Dans la tour),' 1952. Oil on canvas.
'Anthropomorphic Wardrobe (Armoire anthropomorphe),' 1939. Oil on wood.
'The Alcove/Self-Portrait with Nico Papatakis (L’Alcôve/Autoportrait avec Nico Papatakis),' 1941. Oil on canvas.
'The Blind Ones (Les Aveugles),' 1968. Oil on canvas.
'Portrait of a Woman with Acanthus Leaves (Portrait de femme aux feuilles d’acanthe),' 1946. Oil on canvas.
Eddie Broferrio, 1967.

'Leonor Fini: Theatre of Desire, 1930-1990' is on view from September 28, 2018 through March 4, 2019 at the Museum of Sex.


All photos courtesy of Museum of Sex.

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