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A Weekend Mix by Dylan The Gypsy


What was your first email address?


Ever? OK, my dad made my first one which was “dillyali” because he gave me that stupid nickname, and it was Dylan, and Ali is my last name. At


Did you listen to the radio when you were growing up?


Yeah, because the radio actually used to be good, when they cared about the songs they were putting on. Now it’s all just let’s push this one song extra hard. But I really appreciate what radio has turned into, with online radio. It gives a lot of different people, and up and coming DJs, the ability to promote their work, and gives them opportunities they might have had to really fight for.


What is your go-to midnight snack?


Pizza. The place I live by now, has a Halal pizza spot— I am Muslim— and once I discovered Halal pepperoni… I finally felt included. Finally got to get that pepperoni.


What was the first concert you ever went to?


Scream Tour! The year Omarion, Bow Wow, Marcus Houston… Who else? Chris Brown? It was ‘05.


The last youtube video you watched?


I was listening to Jamiroquai... forgetting the name… Something along the lines of Planet Earth?


Has a song ever made you cry?


Ugh. Yes. Where Were You When I Needed You, by Stevie Wonder. When I first heard it I was going through a hard time, and I don’t know what it is about Stevie Wonder, something in the tambor, the vibratto… But the climax of that song, it really hit me.


Favorite curse word?




Feelings about clowns?


I don’t hate clowns.


Unpopular opinion!


I think it’s because in high school, the movement class teacher taught us a unit that went deep in the history of clowning. But I really enjoyed it, it’s fun. Personally, I wouldn’t dress up as a clown, but I love makeup, so I understand how someone could be into it.


A condiment you couldn’t live without?


BBQ sauce. Wait— it’s a tie between that and hot sauce. Anything I can’t put BBQ sauce on, it gets hot sauce... Tobasco really transcends racial and ethnic barriers, but you know Sriracha is here to stay.

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