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The Elmira Property Tax Premiere

The mannerisms LeCompte has applied to the music that has made him an elevated force finding new outlets for experimental artists in New York with a noise that takes soft pop that nods to nostalgia with a thoughtfulness not all mellow musicians can maneuver, adding his own grit to the gentler genre, and voicing a vulnerability that avoids the often overly smoothed-out songs we see and hear surrounding many young singers struggling to define a new sound in the music market.


The video is a beautiful homage both to home recording as an art and aesthetic attitude, and his own literal home, the video, directed by Cait McDonough, of his Tampa Bay trip has translated his melodic messages into a fitting aesthetic that seems sad without oversaturated sarcasm and brings us the best brooding aspects without unnecessary bleakness and is the emotional element that every artist can hope to have along with an album already full of absolute feelings and fresh, flushed-out sounds.

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