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Acne Studios revamps their denim collection

"Blå Konst means Blue Art in Swedish, which I like because for me denim is like a canvas for the wearer,” creative director Jonny Johansson told us. “The name has a feeling of free expression, which is how I like to view denim. Jeans are garments that we all wear, and wear most often. In them we all live our lives, and I wanted Blå Konst to have all the specific detail, but also the anonymity, so that whoever wears them can make them their own."


The collection will feature six pant styles total (three for men, three for women), with jeans made in baggy, straight, and skinny silhouettes. It will also include denim shorts, skirts, and jackets with chest pocket flaps removed for a slimmer look. 


According to the press release, the first season of Acne Studios Blå Konst was inspired by the Swedish outdoors and “the functionality of the artist’s uniform.” Judging by the description, the brand's history, and the minimal, beautiful campaign pictures shot by the legendary Collier Schorr, this is gonna be really good. Scroll through more images below.


Text by Jocelyn Silver


Images courtesy of Acne Studios. Shop Acne Studios Blå Konst on April 6th here.

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