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Adam Selman Fall/Winter 2017

One of Selman’s biggest strengths is his singular tastes; he’s able to draw from inspirations ranging from John Waters to true crime to The Eyes of Laura Mars, and the specificity of his interests always adds an extra something to his show (a fun exercise would be to check out everything he’s ever referenced on Instagram—you would probably walk away much wittier and more aesthetically inclined). This time, he looked to a 1975 book called American Denim. “It’s all about folk artists and embroidery and denim,” he explained. “And that’s where the rose on the denim came from.”


Said rose on denim was a highlight. A personal favorite was the opening look, a full Canadian tuxedo consisting of jeans and a denim motorcycle jacket tied at the waist. The whole collection was full of little details like that, subtle knots and crops designed to flatter your figure without being overly fussy. “I was going for a ‘release’ idea,” Selman said of his proportions. “But then you could wear it unbelted as well and keep it free and easy.” And the roses were everywhere; the collection was titled “Say it with flowers.”


The ‘70s were pervasive. There was the denim—reminiscent of the designer’s own personal style—loose suiting, sexy disco-style minidresses, and loads of sparkly lurex. Selman used to work as a costume designer for the likes of RuPaul and, famously, Rihanna, and while this collection was nothing if not wearable, he still definitely knows how to put on a show. The closing look featured one of his favorite models, Mona Matsuoka, topless, covered by a massive bouquet of roses. It felt like the entire room was gasping.


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