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Butch 4 Butch

This drive to self-represent in Butch 4 Butch no doubt comes from her own experience growing up in Michigan, where people would “give her looks or say things," she remembers about growing up queer. "When you look different, [...] people feel like they have more of a right to harass you.” With this series, however, Kuzak hopes to change that. “Me and my girlfriend are trying to be butch pioneers, as cheesy as that sounds," she says of the project. "There’s zero butch for butch content. We’re an afterthought.”


Not anymore. With Butch 4 Butch, Kuzak shines a light on her corner of the queer community, and in doing so, is no longer an outsider. "This side of sex exists," she says. "I just want to show that.

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