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Deliberate Intimacy at Arsenal Contemporary

deliberation is the final installment in the performance series for Eye to eye: An Exhibition Benefiting Sanctuary for Families, offering a reflective finale for this month-long exhibition. Arsenal Contemporary NY is honored to have invited a group of 41 visual artists and 22 performing artists to empower survivors of gender violence through support of Sanctuary for Families. 


"In presenting and linking artists with whom our relationships have been marked by generosity and exchange, our goal is to create a physical embodiment of our dedication to this cause. This remarkable gathering of artists inspire us through their creative output, their diverse relationships to making, history, and memory, and, ultimately, their fore-fronting of care." 

-Arsenal Contemporary New York


Featuring: Caitlin Baucom, Kellian Delice, Kathleen Dycaico, Sarah Kinlaw, Aarron Ricks and Quenton Stuckey

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