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Throughout history and across a plethora of cultures, the body has been used as a sort of "canvas" or "testament" (whether intentional or not). Tattooing, scarification, wounds in various stages of healing... What is residually apparent on a human body has become a tool with which we are able to interpret each other. Is a bruise a sign of healing, life, or is it a symbol for violence?


A majority of the artists at Cheap Suitcase represented the body as faceless, or cut off at the head. This only allows for further exploration into the potential that our skin naturally serves as a journal. Artists in the show include Ron AtheyBREYER P-ORRIDGE, COUM Transmissions, Clarity HaynesByron KimJune Yong LeeBob MizerCatherine OpieAriana Page RussellHannah Wilke, and Rona Yefman


Whether gender, abuse, triumph or crime is the translation of these physical dialogues, each piece in CHEAP SUITCASE is an opportunity to read into what may have been there all along.

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