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The Cowboy and the Hawaiian

"The triptych of 'Infinitely Repeating Pattern(s),' created by Kantarovsky, were printed on fine washed cotton in Italy. 'Infinitely Repeating Pattern' I portrays a web of auto-asphyxiating men, rendered in a patriotic palette on the zip-up jacket style. 'Infinitely Repeating Pattern(s)' II and III, featured on the shirting, depict a group of nude men of various body types briskly running towards an unknown destination through a dense forest of cacti. The men's flesh is lacerated and abraded as a result, but they are not deterred from their aggressive forward-mobility."

"The men are on a marathon against their own self interest and the wearer/viewer is invited to negotiate these images."

  • The collection will be available, in limited inventories, at the Tanya Leighton Gallery space (Booth N17, Nova Section) at the Miami Beach Convention Center from December 6th through December 10th. Shirts retail for $800 and jackets for $950. All garments were produced in New York City and are edition hand-signed and numbered by the artists.

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