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Cry Like A Man

True Americana used to represent true freedom. But now, with our current political climate, the over-satured (and over-consumed) media landscape, and, of course, the constant and ever-looming threat of global warming, that freedom has turned into unbridled paranoia. But Cry Like A Man shows both sides.


In his haunting photos, Olley captures the contrast between over-developed cities, and the remnants of unspoiled land. But almost more interesting are the similarities between the two. A stripper getting undressed backstage; an off-duty marine smoking a cigarette; those wild horses, untamed by man—the connection is in their reckless abandon. True freedom does still exist in America—you just have to look a little harder to find it.


Start with Cry Like A Man.

'Cry Like A Man' is available now through Paradigm Publishing.


Photos courtesy of the artist.

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