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A wind up music box ballerina struggles against the confines of the presumed elegance imposed on her by the fantasy of female delicacy. Her movements, at first robotic and doll-like, evolve into something more fluid and destructive—she strips her pretty white puffy dress (akin to a wedding gown), then futilely attempts to find a way back into it, perhaps a metaphor for womanhood’s perennial struggle with the desire for freedom vs. the desire for loveliness. Are these her colorful collectibles that litter the room around her, or is she merely one of them? The absurd fairytale unfolds.


Food for thought for the fashion punks who came to consider these pearly inquiries into the penetrating implications of femininity and its strictures. Check out the scene below.

Artists included in 'Daisies': Carlotta Kohl, Manon Macasaet, Dese Escobar, Milah Libin, Sasha Alcocer, Sam McCurdy, Sofia Leilani, Kelsey Niziolek, Didi Rojas, Chris Kennedy, Sasha Nares, Brynn Wallner, Eri Wakiyama, Noelle Lee, Agusta Gudmundsdottir, Alex Gusdon, Jo Shane, Adam Zhu, Taj Francois, Jabari Fleming, Nico Chiat, Justin Hager, Josue Hurst, Mowgly Lee, Dylan Kraus, CHITO, Naz Khamis, Ron Baker, Vlad Gomez, Tyler Blue Golden, Zak Bush, with dance performances by Ruth Fish and Eva Alt and a poetry reading by Alex Sheehan.

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