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Look Straight, Don't Smile

In this series, the photographer shows the generic passport photo—the unsmiling, straight-faced mugshots of his subjects. On the other side of it, we see the rest of the photo where silly and eccentric poses, props and people are used. In one unassuming passport photo of a man, the series subsequently unveils two vacuums suctioned onto his nipples. Siedentopf shocks his viewers while keeping things unavoidably amusing. You cannot help scrolling from picture to picture, breath baited while each quirky scenario unfolds.


In terms of finding his subjects, Siedentopf used a “wild mix” of friends and randoms—adding to the casual and erratic feel of the series. In a world where news and everyday life seems to get more sinister by the day, Siedentopf injects humor into the mundane routine of everyday life.

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