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DeAndre Hopkins

What is your ideal office?


An office with virtual reality walls so I can change the views.


Where is the most sacred place in Houston?


Warehouse Live because a lot of great musicians started there.


What is the last piece of art that affected you emotionally?


The Harriet Tubman $20 by Paul Russo.


What is your favorite sound generated by the human body?




How might you like to be reincarnated?


As an elephant.


What is the greatest misconception about professional football players?


That we spend a lot of money.


Do you have any rituals?


Listening to old school Gucci Mane before games.


What grosses you out?


People smacking when they eat and seeing throw up.


What has been your greatest mistake thus far?


Nothing, because I learn from everything.


What animated character do you relate to the most?


Gerald from Hey Arnold!


What is your Achilles heel?


My mom.


Lyrics to live by?


“I’m on top of my green like a lawn chair / Don’t worry, I’m straight like arm hair / Don’t worry, I’m straight like combed hair / This world fucked my Pops and I was born here / From the cell to a jet, call it Con Air”—Lil Wayne, “Never Get It.”


What is your preferred mode of transportation?


Plane, so I can see the world.


Do you believe in ghosts?




What is the most meaningful item in your wardrobe?


Vintage Maison Margiela vest, only three of them made.

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