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Didi Does it Again

And Rojas' contribution was as eye-catching as ever— a pyramid of ceramic Uggs the artist had tucked into a corner of the powder-pink room, which, at the opening, she was standing beside surrounded by her well-deserved flock of friends and admirers. After five minutes or so of waiting out the frenzy, we got to catch up with the artist and discuss her work.



Can you just tell me a little bit about the inspiration for your piece?


Well basically what I wanted to do was think back to my highschool years, and how at the time I wasn’t able to afford uggs like a lot of the other girls. As you probably know, the shoes were incredibly trendy back in highschool. So I entitled this piece Taylor, Amber, Amanda, Britt, Rachel, Ashley, Emily, Nicole, Samantah, Jess... after basic names, or popular names for people born in 1993, the year of birth for people in my high school graduating class. I wanted to make a commentary on the socio-cultural implications of the shoe itself with one piece, entirely activated by the hierarchical nature of its form.


So your art is very influenced by your experience, very cool. Is there anything that you are currently working on that you are excited about?


Well right now I’m working on this piece that I am pretty pumped about; I’m making two really large Balenciaga Triple S’s, and I am going to do a video piece for it. Because I will be incorporating another medium as opposed to just working with ceramic, it’s going to be a little bit different from my usual aesthetic, which I’m very excited about.


Amazing, I love the cover that you did for office issue 08. Is there anything else you would like to mention about the show itself?


Thanks so much! I’m really happy to be showing with a lot of the artists chosen for this show. I really appreciate all of their work. A lot of these artists I’ve met through Instagram, which is also really cool because it’s people who I’ve connected with through that social media platform, but who I now get meet in actuality. It just feels like an honor to get to show my work with theirs and to be apart of this show.


Yeah, well Heather Benjamin’s curation is something I immediately noticed, very well done. Every piece in this space seems to really compliment one another, especially in tone and color.


Also the name of the show is MAIDEN FORM, which I love because I remember going to outlets with my mom when I was younger, and that was the name of a bra brand or something, so that’s where I think the name came from. Ha, it just brings me back.


So Heather Benjamin presented you with a name and every artist kind of worked within those creative confines. That’s awesome that she gave the artists complete creative license, and it is really interesting to see how each artist manifested their understanding of the concept in their own aesthetic language.


Yeah, exactly.


Well thank you so much for your time! office can’t wait to see what you have for us next.


Thank you too, enjoy the rest of the show!


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