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Diesel Does More Than Clothing

The idea— inspired by The Guardian's statistic that the average office worker spends around 9,000 hours in meetings during his career lifespan, in which 50% of the time is squandered— was ultimately put into action by Diesel founder Renzo Rosso’s experience and ethos: “The best decisions I’ve ever made were quick.”



Diesel has come a long way from jeans. Now a "lifestyle brand," they are branching out into scientific endeavors. Specifically: a space-age looking pod designed to increase productivity by cutting out distractions and adding a time limit. Sounds bleak? The minimal space is not just for aesthetic purposes. According to Rosso, the imposition of a time limit minimizes drawn out descision making and forces groups to "get right to the point." Inside The Capsule, hour long meetings are condensed into 15 minutes, the maximum time for occupancy in the pods. With descisions being made more quickly, workers can spend more time enjoying life, or simply working on something else. 


Planned to set up shop at Wired Next Festival in Italy this month, participants of the Capsule will be recorded and published throughout the event. How participants will react to the sterile aesthic and minimal natural light is to be determined. And what's stopping pod users from reseting the time limit? Here at office, we're always looking for the next great idea. Who knows, maybe Diesel's new Capsule will be responsible?


Diesel's The Capsule is produced by Publicis Italy and is on display at Wired Next Fest in response to this year’s theme of Time. The Festival will take place in the Indro Montanelli Gardens in Milan’s Corso Venezia from 27 to 29 May.

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