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Drawing a Blank

Among those showing in this fourth iteration of the series are Bafic, Stef Mitchell, Yoma Ru and office favorites Zora Sicher, Joshua Woods and Bolade Banjo. The show is theme-less, on purpose. “If I'm totally honest, I'm only interested in showing art that I like made by people that I like,” Broome explained; contributors had rare free reign to exhibit anything they wanted.


For Bafic’s part, that translates to “a larger than life black and white selfie taken on a large-format camera, stuck to the ground covered in warning stickers, inviting people to walk over me,” the artist told office. And per Gala Prudent, the youngest artist in the show, you’ll find multimedia installations that explore commodification of the black body through sports. Obviously, it shouldn’t be missed.

Stef Mitchell
Yoma Ru
Joshua Woods
John Tsombikos
Jasper Marsalis
Gala Prudent
Bolande Banjo
Aspen Kincaid
Asli Baykal
Adam Zhu

See the fourth installment of ‘Drawing a Blank’ at 64 Charing Cross Road in London, on view through May 13. Lead image courtesy of Bafic.

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