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Blue Period / Last Summer, Arakinema


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Prolific lensman Nobuyoshi Araki is a titan of Japanese photography. Araki’s immense oeuvre exploring corporeal subjects—bondage, his late wife Yoko, food, nudes—is readily recognized, yet few are familiar with his experimental film project Arakinema. First performed in 1986, the work features two ceiling-mounted projectors screening slideshows of the artist’s photographs along to an atmospheric soundtrack. In homage to this little-known work of Araki’s, New York’s Dashwood Books and Session Press will publish Blue Period / Last Summer, Arakinema, representing a comparative study on two series of images that comprise the piece. In 2005, the last year the work was staged live, Araki described its contrasting elements: “Last Summer is the future, it has a certain sense of resignation about it. Blue Period is the past, because it’s about how memory inhabits us. But we don’t yet have a memory of the future.” Office Magazine presents an exclusive look at Blue Period and Last Summer in anticipation of the upcoming book release.
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