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Ghost Stories with Kendall Jenner & Olivia Oblanc

Launched as the second iteration of adidas Originals ongoing collaboration with emerging designers, the adidas Originals by Olivia Oblanc collection is equal parts classic and contemporary. Using archival adidas Originals looks for inspiration, Oblanc reimagined the legendary sportswear brand through her own gender fluid workwear lens, and with the help of Jenner, created 15 agender pieces they presented in London in November.


Of course, the collection is now completely sold out—but what else do you expect from Jenner and Oblanc?


The duo sat down with office to tell us more about the collection, and share some of their favorite real life ghost stories. Read the interview, and peep some exclusive photos of the collection, below.


Have you ever seen a ghost?


Kendall Jenner: Yes, I have a ghost stories. My mom’s house that she’s lived in forever—the main one on the show with the checkered floors—night one we were watching TV and heard the front door open and shut. So, we [went] over, and no one was there. When we went back to the TV room, the door did it again. So, my Nanny got a knife and went over to check, but still, no one was there. The security from our community came and searched the property, looked everywhere, but nothing. So, we finally go back to watching TV and it happened again! Through the next couple of years we lived there, different things would happen, like Kylie’s shower would turn on, or I’d wake up in the middle of the night thinking I saw a figure at the end of my bed—that type of crazy shit. The house was definitely haunted. But I don’t think they were bad spirits—they were just nosey.

Olivia Oblanc: I definitely believe in ghosts, but I’ve never seen one.

How did you begin the process for designing this collection?

Olivia Oblanc: The collection is a blend of vintage adidas sportswear mixed with the Oblanc aesthetic of reinterpreting workwear and graphic branding. I wanted to incorporate things like hardware, webbings, straps and clips to emphasize the Oblanc aesthetic—putting that together with the vintage sportswear was really interesting.

I always come up with inspiration before I start any collection. The minute I got off the phone with adidas I started finding images and started sketching. When I went to meet with them in Germany, they thought I was going to start designing, but I was like, ‘Oh I’m finished.’ I was really prepared, because I was so excited—I knew the color palette I wanted, even the trims.

How did you pick the colors?

Olivia Oblanc: There’s a thing that adidas works with called Adicolor, and when I came to Germany with the colors I had selected, they were basically identical to the Adicolor palette. I really focused on yellows, blues, reds, black and white—colors that could add a pop. I hate using that word—pop—but I wanted to bring more vibrant colors into the workwear aesthetic. High visibility! Let’s use that instead.

What’s your favorite piece from the capsule?

Kendall Jenner: We both love the puffer!

Olivia Oblanc: I think it looks good on any body type—you can wear it fitted or oversized.

Do you have any tips for styling the pieces?

Kendall Jenner: Just whatever floats your boat. When I was looking through all the stuff it was so easy to style anything together. I was like, ‘I could literally wear all of this.’ It’s just so sick!

How do you think the internet is a part of your design vocabulary?

Olivia Oblanc: I definitely get inspiration from muses, like Kendall, and honestly, Instagram is such a huge platform for inspiration—I don’t even find myself reading magazines as much as I used to, with as much as I go online.

Kendall Jenner: Do you ever go on Tumblr?

Olivia Oblanc: No, but I used to love it.

Kendall Jenner: I used to be obsessed with Tumblr, too.

Olivia Oblanc: Now, I’ll go on Pintrest if I’m really desperate. There’s also Tumblr vibe Instagrams, and then there’s a PhotoShop app I use when I’m on the subway, just making collages for my own profile.

Kendall, how do you think the internet has shaped your style?

Kendall Jenner: It’s a huge inspiration. Look at a lot of those Tumblr style pages! I screenshot and save all of them—I have different folders in my phone of different things I like, and even if I don’t directly take something from those photos, I think it subconsciously sticks in my brain. Then, all of a sudden, when I’m trying to put an outfit together it just clicks.

Is there any one piece of clothing you refuse to wear?

Olivia Oblanc: Heels.

Kendall Jenner: Really?

Olivia Oblanc: Yes! Well, I’m wearing platforms right now, and I like stilettos, but I just think I would look ridiculous in them. I don’t know, I’ve just never tried it.

What’s the last thing that made you laugh?

Olivia Oblanc: Animal videos on Instagram.

Kendall Jenner: Yes! There’s one I have to show you—it’s this cat getting a brain freeze. It’s amazing.



Keep an eye out for the next adidas Originals by Olivia Oblanc drop.


Special thanks to Ace Hotel London.

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