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Glenn O’Brien Takes Center Stage

Each work featured at the exhibit pays some sort of tribute to a facet of O’Brien’s personality. Dash Snow’s romantic bell jar sculpture captures a piece of O’Brien’s own spirit, while Walter Robinson’s Marlboros painting hints at a writer’s staple prop in O’Brien’s youth. Martin Wong’s painting TV Party refracts an experience of O’Brien’s own experimental public access channel of the same name, and Eileen Myles offers “A Poem” written after a meeting with O’Brien.


These artists and many others express O’Brien’s enduringly youthful genius in the wake of his death in 2017. Glenn O’Brien: Center Stage is a love letter and an evocative tribute you won’t want to miss. See it for yourself until November 27, Wednesdays to Saturdays, 12 to 6pm or by appointment.

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