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Harder Than Ever Before


Aya’s scenic depictions beam with ghetto nuance and seduction. Her work is intersectional—she takes artifacts from Black and queer culture and fuses them, putting a face to the often unseen. Aya’s art suggests that lowbrow is the latest highbrow response to boring straight white male culture. Her style draws upon figures both living and deceased, from Missy Elliott to Toni Morrison. It’s nasty foreplay and sensual love. It’s Black Lesbian pride. “It is one of my biggest missions in life to document my own history, BLACK LESBIAN history,” she tells office. “This is not a game of telephone. I don’t want a little Black girl to learn about us, from anyone but us.”



Aya, Artist. Brooklyn, NY



Left - Ash B, Qween Beat Artist. Newark, NJ


Right - Frenchy, Designer and Dancer. Far Rockaway, NY


S.WHiT, DJ and Creative, Monique Ransom, Stylist. Queens, NY



Left - Mikey, Photographer. Harlem NY


Right - Dayo, Speech Therapist. Bed-Stuy, NY

Cynthia, AutismSpectrum Disorders Masters Student. Dallas, TX


Left - Alexis, Artist and Hairstylist and her mother Salystina, Physical Therapist Aid. South Bronx, NY


Right - Helen with the Gold Teeth, Jewler and DJ. East Village, NY



Cake, Tattoo Artist, and Britt, Co-Founders of Girls Only. Coney Island, NY

Special pieces seen throughout by AYA BROWN

for MADEME and DV8 by FRENCHY.

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