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An interview with Giulia, aka Scientwehst

How old are you, and where are you from?


Hello! I am 26 years old and I am a nomad. Let’s just say south Florida to make it easier. 


What don’t you do and why not?


I don’t do drugs. I used to be a stoner in my early 20’s but I don’t smoke anymore, surprise! It’s ironic because people assume I smoke weed all of the time because of my relaxed demeanor. I’ve tried cocaine and MDMA once in my life and I didn’t enjoy it enough to do it again. I’ve also never tried psychedelics and I don’t think I ever will. I have nothing against them, and I will never judge you for your recreational use, they just aren’t for me.


What was the last thing you changed your mind about?


I decided to not get up and plug my phone in my charger. Now it’s dead.   


What does beauty feel like?


Beauty to me feels like a midday nap after being out at the beach all day, sun kissed with salt washed hair. The feeling when you needed a nap and wake up refreshed. Beauty feels like walking outside in the busiest part of NYC and feeling composed and unfazed by oncoming foot traffic and the sound of sirens. Sounds corny, but my emotional well-being makes me feel most beautiful, not so much my attributes. 


What is the most insightful thing you’ve learned while being a popular person on Instagram?


Instagram is a weird power dynamic that permits you to have influence over millions of people if you navigate it smartly. But also, if you take a swipe back, or even a gander in the explore section, there are mad trends happening. You can hop on the fast train to 10k, but I’m sure your content is going to be unoriginal, diluted and highly consumable. This is so incredibly boring to me. I want to post content that I want to see, not what you want to see. Content that makes you stop and think, “wtf?” If I’ve learned anything from Instagram its “likes” mean essentially nothing, and I don’t really give a fuck about your 3-course-meal, I’m fine with my string cheese stick. 



You’ve have your photos taken down from Instagram, when no nipple was showing. What frustrates you most about being a woman on Instagram? 


Yeah! That was some bullshit. Kind of took me off guard. It was a picture of me without a shirt on but my nipples were cut out. But in my experience, women, especially big breasted and hairy women, are not safe from the almighty Instagram hand! Most people I know will ask “is this Instagram safe?” Seems to be the norm question to ask when posting an image. Fuck that, it shouldn’t be. I spend a lot of time thinking of ways to seamlessly censor female bodies on social media without losing its beauty and aesthetic. Sometimes a wasteful amount of time but other times creative. Thus, the rise of my collages! That constant feeling that Big Brother is watching you, my body is being policed and there is nothing I can do but cross my fingers and hope my Instagram will not be deleted, because my boobs are too big. That frustrates me.


Who buys your art more, men or women?


It’s pretty balanced to be honest as far as gender goes. Which makes me very happy.


Do you think you'll ever start using your nudes and incorporate them into your art?


I’ve have actually taken a nude of myself and used it for a collage about 7 months ago. I wasn’t particularly excited about the nude, the quality kind of sucked, but it was a great feeling to know I could at anytime place myself directly into my art.


Do you like being blonde or brunette better?


Blonde was a nightmare for me. My friend was the first person to bleach my hair, and guess what? it turned orange and spotty. Yes people, if you have brown hair, have a professional bleach your hair. And that means a colorist. Because I also made the mistake and trusted someone who had a hair license and completely botched the fuck out of my hair because she only does cuts. Also blonde never worked with my skin tone, completely washed me out. Over it. Done. Retiring the blonde forever.


You a Truth woman or a dare woman?


I’m definitely a truth woman. It would make more sense for me to be a dare woman because I literally have no shame, and never get embarrassed. I just don’t really consider myself much of a risk taker.

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