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Cum One, Cum All!



The ritual of going to the video store and picking one’s source of entertainment for the night. Of knowing or lack thereof, of what’s behind the curtain in the backroom. A memory only older generations of porn lovers can access. “That’s the idea we really liked, we thought about a time travel element. The backroom when you were a kid it was like what’s back there it must be so glamorous and it was probably really really gross but we wanted to build out what that fantasy would feel like,”(Olen). Embracing rows of Brazzer’s VHS films were Miriam Carothers' retro-inspired poster illustrations à la fifties Hollywood film. On opposite walls: The Fuckening, Legends of the Balls, Thighs Wide, Nut and Abella Danger in Doctor. All our Assholes are Possessed.


I got a chance to speak with office it-girl and fan-favorite Abella Danger.


What’s the most rewarding thing about being here tonight?


"It’s really [about] showcasing female artists and how she (Corather) made these amazing paintings of us. It’s about taking a step into and appreciating an era that doesn’t exist anymore."


After squeezing through the glory hole, I reached the backroom where sets of static tv’s buzzed, xxx films projected on loop, and dildos and vibrators sprung out of employee lockers. Viewers were advised — PLEASE REWIND AND *SANITIZE* ALL TAPES! Ultimately, Viviana and Matt wanted to use their creative platform to celebrate the industry and it’s workers, “The more you legitimize it and say ‘okay well you gave me pleasure—fabulous! Hi! how are you? You work very hard! let’s celebrate you’”(Olen). In case you missed it, check out photographs of the event below and visit The THNK1994 Museum’s website for what’s to come!

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