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Karen Elson


What is your ideal office?


A warm fireplace crackling, a sleeping cat, sunlight streaming

through the windows, music in the background.


What’s your current creative state?


Just finished a record and scheming to get it released.


Do you have any rituals?


Checking weather and pilot forecasts before I fly. Because

I’m scared of flying.


What is your most treasured belonging?


A sapphire ring. It holds so much of my heart.


How would you like to be remembered?


For having a heart of gold and fire.


What grosses you out?




When have you made the wrong decision?


Too many times to count, and I assure you I shall continue,

as many times the wrong decisions lead you back down the

right path.


What is a fond childhood memory of yours?


Getting a cat for the first time, and wonderful moments with

my sister.


Living or dead, who would you most like to

collaborate with?


Tim Burton, Sam Shepard, Jeff Buckley, Lucille Ball, Hope

Sandoval—just to bathe in their glory.


Do you have any projects that have been unrealized?


I’d love to make a film, and take photos.


What will your tombstone say?


Is that all there is?


What have you learned from the many legendary

musicians you’ve worked with?


Discipline, commitment, imagination and a stroke of



What is your artistic process?


I isolate, and keep chipping away day after day after day

until something hopefully happens.


What’s the strangest thing you’ve encountered in

the South?


Bless your heart.

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