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Mark Gonzales


What is your ideal office?


Very cluttered.


What has made a remarkable impression on you?


I guess the idea of giving and receiving. When I was younger

getting gifts was good, but now that I’m older I think it’s

nicer to give a gift or a present. I think it’s better to give than

to receive. There, that’s the best idea that I’ve learned. I’m

48, so…


What is your most treasured belonging?


I guess shoes, to wear? To get from places? I like shoes a lot.

Shoes are my most treasured belonging. I just like shoes, to

have shoes is nice. It’s a good belonging to have.


What grosses you out?


Watching women spit. I used to live in Chinatown, I used to

see a lot of that there.


What are the most beautiful words in the English



“Good butter and good cheese, is good English and good

Fries.” It’s like, the languages. The Frisian language and the

English language, it says the same in both languages.


What is the virtue of being messy?


Because when you attempt to start cleaning up, you end

up finding things and having more fun and creating more.

Sometimes having things messy when you’re in the middle,

you say “OK, I think I better clean up now.” You start to clean

up and you end up finding something more that you want

to create from your mess. So having a messy place is always

inspiring. There’s always something under something, or you

go back to something you haven’t seen before.


You wake up in jail—how’d you end up here, man?


I don’t think I would end up in jail. Personally, I’m not one

that goes to jail. I think they would put me in jail for maybe

speaking too loud. That’s how I could see myself going to jail.

Or speaking too honestly.


What spot do you consider most sacred?


The G-spot. ‘Mark, come on buddy, what kind of pervert are

you?! Give me a break.’ The clitoris. I mean it just depends

on your preference though, honestly. No I don’t know, most

of the spots I consider sacred are cement, for skateboarding.

But I would like to learn how to surf, and I would guess the

ocean would be the most sacred spot. Is that a good answer?

The ocean is the most sacred spot. It’s kind of like a woman.

Uncontrollable. You cannot dominate it.


How might you like to die?


Long and painful. I actually like pain, that’s why I skateboard,

cause I get hurt. So long and painful would be good for me.


Who would you come back as in your next life?


Maybe Connie Chung. The Los Angeles news reporter, I used

to like her. Yeah, Connie Chung. She’s cool.

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