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Jahnkoy's Night at Bergdorf

The line incorporates her key influences, which are the intricate beading, and bold aesthetics she has pulled from her multicultural surroundings. From Siberia, through travels, and to her new home in Bed Stuy, she has been beyond steeped in the symbolism of skilled artisans. She attempts to communicate the inclusivity she has found in her communities that will bridge appropriation and instead symbolise the strength that art and fine craftsmanship can hold. For the presentation itself, rather than a runway, Kazakova demonstrated to the best of Bergedorf's abilities what this sense of community means to her, with catering from a local Bed Stuy restaurant, and a dance group of 8 from her neighborhood maneuvering throughout the store, where her collection was installed. Lively and interactive, it was invigorating on a level that prevailed against the initial fear of seeing 2017's Marc Jacobs "dreadlocks debate". But this was beyond that; the collection felt respectful, more of the NYC melting-pot vibe than anything bordering on appropriating.

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