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Juicy with Frankie Boyd

Today's judge is Frankie Boyd. And when speaking of his large list of accomplishments, it may easier to name off the celebrities that he hasn't transformed. From radiant looks on Scarlett Johansson to jaw-dropping dramatics for Sam Smith, Boyd has a signature, unafraid approach to beauty—and we're all about it. That's why we had Boyd judge three all-natural mascaras to let you know which ones to snatch or pass. This round, our all-natural contenders are Hush + Dotti's "Bitchin' Black Mascara," W3ll People's "Expressionist Mascara" and Kjaer Weis' classic mascara. 



Pick one for Monday, Friday and Saturday night.


Monday: Kjar Weis—I like to start the week off right. Friday: Hush+Dotti it has a wicked brush. Saturday: W3LL People because it’s a little dryer.


You can only use one of these Mascaras for the rest of your life—which one do you pick and why?


Definitely Hush+Dotti because of its juicy formula and nice brush.


What is the best part of every product? 


Kjaer Weis has chic packaging, Hush+Dotti has the best formula, and W3LL PEOPLE has the fullest size.


Which one has the best brush?



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