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Lil B and the Groundbreaking Based-God Audio Therapy


The patient, a former rapper from Southern California, was involved in a life-altering skateboarding accident that resulted in significant memory loss, expressive language impairment, and a motor cognitive disorder. Using Lil B’s music, he has been able to retrain speech, and improve memory cognition at a remarkably successful rate. With Lil B’s music, Sarah his audio therapist, has been able to incorporate lyrical themes into daily therapeutic treatment using a technique called Sound Collage. Piecing key phrases together using Lil B’s empowering positive message have been influential to the patient’s cognitive development and ability to communicate once again.


Speaking with Lil B about his music being used in clinical audio therapy to heal and repair the mind internally and externally he commented, “I always wanted my music to be accessible to everyone with the language and energy I transfer across. I make music to heal myself and to offer my truth to the world. That truth is positivity. Putting out my truth is number one. I never had any expectations, music has always been a calling. I just want to express that positive energy.”


Similar to the free love movement of the 60s, Lil B’s based movement created a foundation for outsiders and weird kids to relate – but rather than seeking isolation in the form of a cult, the Based Movement primarily interacts online as a healing community of inclusiveness, support, and love. Regardless of context, an underlying theme holds resilient to the promising future of inclusiveness found in the Based World – that theme is love.


Music is commonly known as a therapeutic practice healing in its creation, reception, and immersive experience. Dating back to 1500 BC, music has been used as a form of storytelling, oral history, cultural preservation, and spiritual or religious customs. The dynamic relationship between artist and recipient is multi-dimensional in its healing prowess, yet subjective when applied commercially. We see this in the hundreds of Lil B-influenced artists of the past 5 years. Music’s capacity for healing stretches beyond physical impairments and allocates into the mind, body, spirit.


For more than a decade, Lil B’s commitment to positivity and respect has effortlessly floated across the world, building the framework for an inclusive digital community with an unspoken affinity for happiness, sadness, and most importantly love. Human emotions are the underlying derivative of Lil B’s widely popular music, allowing each listener a unique therapeutic experience. His extensive discography reads like a map or spiritual compass for self-love, appreciation, and vulnerable storytelling. They offer a juxtaposition between spontaneous creation and blind honesty; art created to heal, repair, and restore for both the recipient and the author.


Most recently Lil B has embarked on a campaign giving money to his followers who ask for it; while he may not know it, his acts of love are destabilizing the capitalistic framework our spirits operate in. Steadily growing within himself, Lil B moves and acts as a prophet proclaiming love and positivity – embracing the discourse and turmoil that comes with the evils of the world. He knows malevolent emotions spawn from misguided energy and hurt; he knows the importance of healing through love and positivity.


Detached from the glamour of pop music and the lyrical discussion found in 90s hip-hop, Lil B created a safe-haven for kids to feel comfortable with peculiarities and grow into themselves through self-love. Internet communities champion the inclusiveness and artistic integrity that is Lil B, The Based God. His commitment to positivity championed an inclusive way of life, built upon the foundation of love and respect.


Check out Lil B’s most recent project and continuation of his pivotal flame series, PLATINUM FLAME, now streaming everywhere.

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