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In The Lost & Found

With her meticulous craftsmanship and painstaking attention to the most minute of details, Bode took to injecting each pastoral, dreamlike look with an extra dose of individuality. Supplementing the richly patchworked suits and sets were separates with the brand’s signature workwear influences, such as hand-illustrated chore jackets, loosely-woven cardigans, retro overcoats and boxy striped trousers, as well as some fleece hats.


Other found objects, like pennies, milk caps, baseball cards and band posters were seamlessly incorporated within each garment (for example, Bode used pennies to line one of the coats; even the invitations that were hand-delivered to guests were printed on found Joker playing cards, with the character replaced by vintage found photos) truly giving each piece that rare, one-of-a-kind feel. This tradition comes from the designer’s own childhood, in which she used to go antiquing with her parents, in no small part what led to her appreciation for sentimentality and her desire to create pieces people can continue to pass down.


“Even as a little kid, I gravitated toward antique toys,” she told office about her early fascination with antiques objects. “That's what I loved—the past histories of objects, and that somebody made something with an intent and a purpose. [...] I think that's where my work came from.”


And the result is Bode F/W ‘19. View some of our favorite pieces from the collection below, and revisito our interview with the designer here.

Photos courtesy of the brand.

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