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Miles Richie at the Moxy NYC Downtown

After making his NYFW debut last year on the Philipp Plein Runway, the middle Richie sibling has been carving out his own place in the fashion canon, using his chiseled jawline and charming personality to cement an identity separate from that of his famous family.

As the party raged on below us, office sat down with Richie to get to know the man behind the model. But because we know he’s already been asked the typical questions about his career and star-studded childhood, we decided to pick his brain for info on pretty much everything else.

Read the interview, below.

Who are you?

My name is Miles Richie and I’m here at the Moxy Hotel.

Okay. What’s your favorite cheese?

My favorite cheese? I don’t know if this counts as a cheese, but feta. I just feel like sometimes it’s left out in the cold because it’s not considered a ‘nice’ cheese.

What do you think would be the rudest animal if it could speak English?

Oh, probably a sloth. I feel like they are just so bitter—that they’re always like, ‘Aww man.’ They’d be pretty bad. I like these questions—they’re keeping me thinking.

So, what have you been up to lately? What have you been working on?

I’ve been focusing a lot on fashion and stuff—I’ve also been getting into acting a bit lately, which has been fun, especially because I didn’t plan to go down that road. But it’s been a fun one so far. Also, a lot of traveling back and forth between LA and New York, and a lot of editorial work, as well.

What would be your ideal movie role?

An assassin would be so fun, right? Or, like… Brad Pitt in Snatch.



What’s that?

You haven’t seen Snatch? With Guy Ritchie? Oh my god, it’s so good! It’s an Irish Cockney fighter-type movie, it's just hysterical. You gotta watch it! It’s got Jason Statham, Brad Pitt—all the OGs.

Do you have a favorite boxing move? Or a favorite professional boxer? I know you box a bit IRL.

I do Muay Thai and boxing—elbow is my favorite move. My favorite boxer would be Anthony Joshua; my favorite personality would be Conor McGregor; my favorite up-and-comer is The Style Bender—I think he’ll be the next champion of the UFC.

His name is actually The Style Bender?

Well, his real name is Israel Adesanya, but he officially goes by The Style Bender. He’s so dynamic and fluid—he will definitely be the next champion.

You definitely seem to know your stuff. Who would be the funniest person to punch in the face?

No one. I box at Rumble Boxing in LA and that's how I get my energy out.

If you had to choose one song that epitomizes your life, what would it be?

Epitome of my life? Any Ed Sheeran song—you can play one at any time and I’ll love it. Sometimes, though, I just need to “Mo Bamba.” It’s a very big difference. Tonight, I’m starting off Sheeran but might end up “Mo Bomba.” You never know—you just need both at all times!



Cats or dogs? Which do you pick?


What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you in New York City?


God, a lot of weird things. One time, I [showed] up at a luxury hotel for a gig, and the hotel never even [had] my reservation. The same day, [I had] to fly to Paris for the Balmain show, only to have the flight canceled. I was stranded in NYC with nowhere to go and no flight. NYC always gets the best of me!

What, for you, is the sexiest part of the body?


What’s the ugliest vegetable?

Ooooh… Eggplant.

How would you describe your fashion identity in three words?

I would say grungy, Peaky Blinders rockstar dude. Those aren’t three words, but maybe we could put a hyphen in between all of them.



The Moxy NYC Downtown is open now at 26 Ann Street in Manhattan.

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