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Premiere: Caine Casket - "Domino"

Describe what the creative process was like when recording "Domino."


Recording "Domino" was a journey. I think I recorded it six times in three different studios before this version. It took me a while to define the moment I was trying to capture. I think I reached my goal after I stopped trying to make it something it wasn’t.


Tell us about the significance of the title of the EP, NineNights.


The title actually comes from a funerary tradition also known as Dead Yard, where the life of an individual is celebrated for 9 nights and 9 days. On the ninth night the spirit of the deceased passes through. The EP is about my experiences as a passenger who has yet to reach his destination.


If you ran for president, what would be your campaign slogan?


“Wisdom To Know The Difference.”


What’s a song you have on repeat right now?


"The Modern Things" By Bjork.


What is one thing you would change about the music industry?


I think there's a general mold of what creates a “successful artist.” I’d like see more freedom outside of format of what leads to success. 


If Kanye West was in front of you right now, what you say to him?


How are you?


Do you have a lucky number? If so, what is it and why?


9, it’s something that defines my character.


  • Written and Recorded by Caine Casket
  • Produced by Caine Casket, Mykal Riley, & Erza Ost
  • Additional Production by Gamal Abdu
  • Guitar By Cassius Rich
  • Illustration and Animation by Caine Casket

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