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Premiere: Jean Dawson - "90's Green Screen"

For this particular project, Klincewicz captures Dawson in raw 16mm film, illuminated by multicolored light beams. The collaboration of these two visionaries was a long time coming. "Julian Klincewicz and I have known each other for some years, and I’ve always found myself in awe of him as an artist and as a human. He’s like the second coming of Andy Warhol or some shit, but [not] in a comparative sense. I think us coming together to make a visual for '90’s Green Screen' was the only thing that made sense, since we grew up in [proximity] of each other, and I think we both have a thing for hyper-saturating the colors of an already super vibrant world,” stated Dawson. The overall graininess and stunning light sequences creates a unique visual language for the music video.


Plucked from his freshly released album Bad Sports, Dawson’s inner thoughts pertaining to identity translate into his sound. If you haven’t listened to his album already, it’s time to catch up.


Watch “90’s Green Screen” below.

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