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The Retro Italian Renaissance

Figura’s latest campaign, DNA, has the outfit for you!


Inspired by '70s and '80s mediterranean sportswear and the rebellious nature of European resistance movements, the new line is tacky in the defiant and nostalgic way that has taken the fashion scene captive.


Launched in 2017 by Jack Murray, Figura is a London based brand that focuses on finding the right fabrics to give old vibes new meaning. Figura, which translates to figure, seems to be a appropriate name for the brand, whose pieces are comprised of simple shapes with bright and energetic colors – giving the whole line a sense of functional mobility that is reflected in the lookbook. With some of the pieces featuring artwork lifted directly from studio Figura paintings, the campaign is more than just a lookbook. Shots of architecture are positioned next to a boy lounging on a velvet couch.


The video that accompanies the lookbook, where mysterious boys zoom around on bikes to hardcore techno, is just as weird (but in the best way possible.) The result is an unmistakable understanding of the world of Figura outside the carefully chosen fabric of the pieces. It is off-beat and rough and tumble, kooky and vibrant. A mix of all the things we want in casual sportswear and no doubt perfect for summer 2018.


  • Photos by Jack Murray, Vincent Olivieri, Manuel Obadia Willis and John Karsenty


Shop the new goods on Figura's website today. 

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