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Sandy Liang Spring/Summer 2018


Her brand made with memorabilia— her Chinese grandmother-chic garments, fruit stand fabric... It is sweet, simple and subtle. Tradition is very trendy right now, as is Two Bridges. Dim Sum Dance Parties, classic Chinese silk and ancient symbols of Asia are trending— too often out of context, confused or caricaturized.

Leave Sandy Liang out of that— offering her own experiences in style she herself would want to wear. 

Sentimentality is the center of this collection. Customs are updated and upbeat, girlhood garments grown-up, innate inspiration that allows everyone access. And true to her theme, sandy took the time to talk to office on the season of 'tradition trendy.'




Your references seem subtler this season. Your line was always influenced by Chinatown culture, and this year here are so many designers taking that as an influence this season, how do you feel about that?


The way I design, I can’t be “inspired” by anything unless it makes sense to me… Chinatown is inspiring to me is because my family is here, I grew up here, and I work here. I don’t get how somebody could reference that if it doesn’t mean anything to them except that it’s “in right now.” 

I don’t like people making it into a trendy thing because for me… it’s just how I feel.




Also I see something different, in a lack of androgyny. It seems feminine.


...I’m always inspired by my family and childhood, and I don’t make references so obvious. Spongebob is literally where I got the flowers from. These things are like funny to me and they’re a source of happiness.

If you just throw duct tape and oversize everything, you just blend in. I’m not making clothes just to stand out either. I’m just doing what feels right to me, but what naturally feels right to me isn’t gonna look like everything else just because it’s tiring.

I’m so glad for your question about Chinatown because I care so deeply about that… I love that you asked me, and I love Simon and Office Mag.

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