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The Sarah Abney Series

Abney has this artful, abstract aesthetic that has made for her impressive modeling career— she walks first all over fashion week, and is a favorite face of many major designers. 

She has also found an alternate source of fame— making amazingly odd films on Instagram. Anticipating her upcoming office series, we spoke with Sarah about My Little Pony and alter egos. Also, check out a few of our favorites from her reel.



What was it that made you make your first video?


It was an emotional release and an escape from my reality. My inspiration comes from fashion and art. Working as a model with creative photographers and stylists from around the world, I was exposed to new visual languages. My experience in fashion has inspired me to frame my own thoughts and emotions in conceptual and abstract ways.


Did you make videos as a kid? Did you dress up?


I didn't start making videos till about a year ago. Yes! Till this day dress up is still one of my favorite things to do. When, I was younger I had a basket full of costumes in my closet and would reenact scenes of characters I had made up.



Have you gotten any especially interesting responses on Instagram?


Yeah, for sure. People respond to the visuals as well as the background music. It's fun editing music into my videos because it can change the whole vibe. That's why I love music because it has such an impact on the way people view and feel things. 


If you could describe yourself with an online username that isn’t your given name, what would it be.


Rodeo Kiss. She is my alter ego.


What is your favorite film?


Ooo, that's a tough one! My favorite film at the moment is "The Complaint of an Empress" by Pina Bausch.  




At the moment, Y-Create "I Don't Want To Be" been on repeat.  




The television series My Little Pony from 1986. It's so psychedelic to watch. Sometimes, I gather my inspiration from old VHS tapes.  


What to expect from this upcoming office project? An artist statement, of sorts?


To create video sequences that lyrically and poetically suggest to the viewers ineffable feelings that can only be experienced through the senses. The videos allow the viewer to engage their imaginations to enter a world of color, texture, movement and image that is mysterious, engaging and open-ended. The aspiration is to provide delightfully addictive and pleasurable moments of fantasy. 

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