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Carny Couture


Coat and jacket - Louis Vuitton, Denim jacket, shirt and skirt - Balenciaga


When and how did you start modeling?


I started at the age of 18. I got scouted from a NYC agency but stayed [in San Francisco] to finish high school. After my first year of college, I moved to NYC and got scouted at a concert in Woodstock and been doing it ever since!


What is the song to get made up to, if you listen to music whilst doing it?


Su- Kramer and the song is called 'magic' Listen to it! It will make dressing up feel like your in a world of your own.


If you had to choose a film or literary character that inspires your beauty aesthetic, who and/or what would that be?


All David lynch films, Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion.



Shirt - Adidas, Earrings - Stylist's own


What textile pattern and/or color most inspires you and your looks?


I love silk. It's sexy, playful, and has an element of trash and elegance.


What is an item in your closet you could not live without?


Miu Miu 90’s tech pants because I love anything cyber.


What is your favorite scent?


I usually keep it simple and wear lavender oil. I am a low key hippie at heart.


Shirt - Nautica c/o Mr. Throwback, Pant - Miu Miu c/o James Veloria Vintage, Sunglasses - Model's own c/o Planet X Vintage, Earrings, Stylist's own


You are definitely an icon for bangs, have you always had them, as much as your hair color and cut has changed?


No! I've always wanted a bangs moment. So, when Guido cut my hair for Vogue Italia I was excited.


What was the first color you dyed your hair? How old were you?


I colored it for a job at the age of 19. They tried coloring it a darker blonde but ended up turning into just a brassy yellow... It was unfortunate and awkward for awhile. 


What is the beauty product you would bring with you on a desert island?


Sun screen— because I'm pale AF and I don’t tan.


You have a lot of great instagram posts wearing wigs… How many do you have? Which one is your favorite?


I own about 5. My first and favorite is a wig my friend, Sean Bennet made me for a DJ event I was hired for. Think Dolly Parton but, as a brunette. I named her Rodeo, and the rest was history.


What is your favorite hair style you have had?


My fave was the mullet cut. It was such a statement. It's something I would have never of thought would look good on me. I was pleasantly shocked how much it suited my overall style / etc. My hair was always my sercuity blanket and having that hair cut made me feel powerful and strong.



Vintage Nasdaq jacket - Mr. Throwback, Scarf - APC, Earrings - Stylist's own

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