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Spring/Break Or Bust

After that, you may field an invitation into CJ Hendry's larger than life pill bottle to grab some flying drug money. Basically, there’s a lot going on at this year’s installment of the show. So, naturally, we've rounded up all the highlights.


Peep our four favorite booths, below.


In Other News curated by Taylor McMahon and Breton Harder



'Newburgh,' Perri Hofmann; courtesy of the artist.


In Other News feels like stepping into a suburban travel agency fused with a live news broadcast taking place at an airport. The room features Perri Hoffman's photos of scenes that strike a balance between totally strange and perfectly mundane—like a baggage claim wallpapered with an island landscape. Inside the booth, a newscaster sits at a neon-lit desk behind a glass wall, performing nonsensical segments every few minutes.


Drug Money curated by John Zinosos

'Drug Money,' CJ Hendry; courtesy of the artist.


CJ Hendry’s interactive Drug Money pill bottle throws everything out of perspective, challenging viewers to think about the drug industry’s role in wealth. The bottle functions as a money-blowing machine—blowing Hendry’s white "Drug Dollar" bills in the air for anyone who steps inside to catch.


EDEN curated by Indira Cesarine

'Fruit of the Angels' and 'Nine,' Anne Barlinckhoff; courtesy of the artist.


For EDEN curator Indira Cesarine exhibits the works of 20 female-identifying artists responding to the original sin of womanhood, all within an expansive Astro-Turf and ivy garden crafted by Cesarine. Eden-themed Miss Meatface china neighbors Anne Barlinckhoff's photos of women from South Africa, Ghana, the Netherlands and America. The works all examine the biblical story and what it means to live in a female body.


Energy of Memory curated by Kelsey and Rémy Bennett

"Caroine Remembers," Kelsey and Remy Bennett. Courtesy of the artists.



'Caroine Remembers,' Kelsey and Rémy Bennett; courtesy of the artists.


This year the Bennett sisters brought together the meta, personal paintings of Nouel Riel and Emily Manwaring, along with their own installation works, in a booth that explores the fluctuation and feeling of memories. At night, Kelsey's neon-lit installation "The Energy of Memory," a Pink Panther figurine enclosed in plexiglass—symbolic of the fluffy Pink Panther insulation she was forbidden from touching as a kid—casts a rose glow over the whole booth, befitting of the show's incorporeal feel.



'Spring/Break Art Show' is on view now through March 11.


Lead photo: 'Souls,' Anne Barlinckhoff; courtesy of the artist.

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