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Swish Swish, Bish


The mouth of the winding space held a gold trophy entombed behind glass next to a wall of balls. Past archival illustrations by LeRoy Neiman, and historic NBA paraphernalia, we arrive at the body of paintings. Most notably is the giant portrait of LeBron James, and Yoda, by Eric Yahnker. Veiled behind a blackout curtain, 16 pairs of trainers from quote “legendary moments in league history” venerated like votives from an ancient temple. At the tail of the exhibit was a completely darkened box lined with projections. A menacing (but sexy) score underline some iconic slam dunks in both slow motion, and greyscale. The result is quite visceral; for basketball is the most balletic of the high sports.


Back in the front of the house, a gentile mob condenses as DJ Khaled stage a photo op. Note: game recognises game.

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