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Talking to Telfar

What is your ideal office? 



My ideal office is somewhere you can actually work, concentrate, create, and sometimes sleep. Basically a home office.



How do you manage to feel at home when you’re far away?



Taking everything from home with me to that faraway place. I don’t leave anything behind.



What has been the worst fashion trend? 



Trends in general. The most valuable thing fashion offers is the option to be an individual.



Do you have a spirit animal? 



No, I don’t.



What makes you feel safe? 



Smart people.




What do you feel is your best feature?



My brain.



What was the last website you looked at?






What is the most beautiful name of anyone you have ever met? 


Telfar. ;)



When was the last time you laughed until you cried? 



The last time, I was in NYC talking with my friends. It happens all the time.



If you had to wear one outfit for eternity, what would you wear?



White Telfar shirt, Telfar jeans, Telfar basic sneakers.



What is the most inspirational place on the planet? 



NYC really inspires me I guess, ‘cause i get it. I guess anywhere there is a wide mixture of people and cultures inspires me.



Who do you envision wearing Telfar, and what defines them?



I envision everyone wearing Telfar, what defines them should have no relation from one person to another. Besides, the idea of comfort in whatever it is that they are wearing or attraction to whatever it is, that’s Telfar.



What is your favorite type of music to work to? 



Music in general, music with lyrics.



What is the most memorable clothing from your lifetime thus far?



I guess my own clothes, these are the things I know the best.



What is your greatest fear?



Snakes, balloons, idiots with influence.

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